JDB  Strength & Conditioning 


Do you compete in martial arts or just have a passion for using the sport to keep in tip top condition? Either way we have experience in getting fighters prepared for fights using strength & conditioning protocols to complement your sparing. Usually 12 weeks fight prep time to get you ready for your big fight 

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JDB Strength & Conditioning offers a unique training service, if you are a complete novice to strength training, looking to run your first marathon, or just get insanely strong, we have the right programs for you!

We have individually tailored programs from 4 weeks up to a year ahead in preparation. Looking to increase your body composition in terms of a rounded booty? Then our barbell booty program is for you. 

Want to lose the gut and get back to how you used to be before you had kids? Then our barbell warrior program is for you!

What ever your goal we can hook you up on the right program to get you started!

Mobility, Flexibility and Stability


Fight Preparation - S&C

Do you want to make a serious change to your health and fitness but you simply can't get down to a gym due to time restraints such as family, work or other commitments? Then our online personal training is for you, we can set your home plan up on our system, you simply log in each day and do what the plan asks you to do, nutrition tracking and in depth exercise tuition included! Prices start from £197 a month. 

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Are you sat down all day in a desk job or leant over in your work? Chances are if so is that your posture will be out of line. What happens over time is muscles get shorter, stretched and our posture becomes compromised. This also happens as we age because muscle slowly wastes away. our joints become stiff and imobile. A correct plan of action will help sort this out. Email us for more information on how we can help you.


Are you looking to gain more strength in your body and mind? Strength training can benefit anyone of any age. As you get older we lose mobility, strength and posture. Working with a strength coach can reverse this and keep your longevity of life. 

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